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Salvation in the Paradise of Rust

Silent Hill
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The yellow jester does not play
but softly pulls the strings
and smiles as the puppets dance
in the court of the Crimson King.

C journal for use in chet_thanh_pho. Concept for this character by Team Silent/Konami games. PB/look=Joaquin Phoenix copped from some RPer or another, & picked up by me for a lark at the suggestion/request of a few other RPers. Joaquin Phoenix created by John Lee and Arlyn. All others rights gleefully waived.

This journal is/will be mostly friends only. Why? This fandom has some distinctly unsavoury fans, coupled with the fact that some RPGs have an unwholesome tendency to not grasp that players move on and do other things. If naught else I expect it'll drive some lurkers round it to wonder what goes on in here, and that's a giggle as well. Comment if you'd like to be added, and don't be sad if you're not added back. Sockpuppets and odd posses abound! The net is a weird place. ;-)